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sb have a hump 某人驼背 hump 隆起的东西,驼峰

hairpiece 假发

chalk 粉笔

All of a sudden

turn out 结果发现 v.

sweetie 甜心(昵称)

intestine 肠子


aura 灵气,光环

murky 阴暗的,模糊的

lesbian 蕾丝边,女同性恋

fixate 注视 v.

hysterical 歇斯底里的

strip joint 脱衣舞酒店

hormones 激素 荷尔蒙

decaffeinated 去咖啡因咖啡

bridesmaid 伴娘

gravy 卤的

freak out (I got really freaked out)惊慌

kinda = kind of

drift apart 渐行渐远

pipe organ 管风琴

Tuna 吞拿鱼 金枪鱼

purse 女式钱包

metaphor 隐喻

bluebell 风信子

mitten 手套

diary 日记

I didn’t catch your name

eyelash 眼睫毛

just gonna hang out here tonight 呆在这里一晚上

wondrous 奇妙的

pigeon 鸽子

crap 废话,排泄

the new ones are crap


bracket 托架

I am supposed to attach a brackety thing to the side things, using a bunch of these little worm guys. 我认为应该把这个托架用蜗杆装到侧面。

stereo 立体声

get screwed 收到不公正的待遇,受骗

catch on 理解明白,变得流行

shred 切碎 撕碎

steer clear of 避开,绕开

rip your heart out 撕开你的心

whipped cream 生奶油

revelation 启示 揭露 出乎意料的事

smash 粉碎 v.

screamer 尖叫的人

get it together 【俚】圆满处理 Even if I could get it together enough to ask a woman out

be on a roll 运气好,超常发挥,很顺利

omelet 煎蛋卷

raise 筹集 v.

abuse 辱骂 v.

hanger 衣架

take credit for 归功于

I take credit for selling the socks. 袜子卖出去了归功于我

I take credit for Paul. Paul欠我人情。

beacon 灯塔 烽火

upbeat 乐观的 上升的

step-dad 继父

albino 白化病

aromatherapy 香料按摩

crush on 暗恋

butt 屁股