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【Shanbei News Notes】20150627


SpaceX Capsule to Deliver New Parking Spot for Space Station


on the heels of 紧随xxx之后

unmanned 无人操作的

Once again, SpaceX is picking up the slack. 再一次,SpaceX着手收拾起这个烂摊子。

Nearly 5,300 pounds (2,400 kilograms) of gear (设备) is packed for the trip

unpressurized trunk 密封舱

hook up 钩住

crew capsule 载人太空舱

manned flights are still at least two years off. Until then, Americans will continue to hitch rides to the space station on Russian rockets for tens of millions of dollars per seat.载人飞行都要至少等到两年以后,在此之前,美国需要继续利用俄罗斯的火箭“搭便车”前往空间站,每个席位需要支付数百万美元。

Minutes after Sunday’s liftoff, in a test on its own dime, SpaceX will make another attempt to vertically land a Falcon 9’s discarded first-stage booster on an ocean platform off the north Florida coast.


Twitter's M&A team loses second member

Garg, who led the company’s mergers and acquisition team. Grag负责领导该公司的并购团队。

Google Ventures 谷歌风投