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【Shanbei News Notes】20150630


Obama Signs 2 Trade Bills Into Law 奥巴马签署两项贸易法案成为法律

Cabinet officials 内阁官员


members of congress 国会议员

Defending Public Safety Employees’ Retirement Act 保护公共安全部门雇员退休权益的法令

Trade Preferences Extension Act 2015贸易优惠延长法案

hard-won bills 艰难通过的、来之不易的法令


He hailed (致敬 v,注意这个意思) the bipartisan cooperation that was needed to get the legislation through Congress. 他向两党为了使得这一立法通过国会的合作致以敬意。

An intense lobbying campaign pitted the president against (与 xxx 较量、 pit A against B 使A与B对立) congressional Democrats and created a rare alliance with Republicans. 强大的游说运动帮助总统与国会中的民主党人士抗衡,并使得总统与共和党之间建立难得的联盟关系。

competitive edge 竞争优势 (锋利)

lobbying campaign 游说运动

This legislation will help turn global trade, which can often be a race to the bottom, into a race to the top (竞优)

a race to the bottom,竞次,指的是通过剥夺劳动、耗费资源、损坏环境而达到增长的做法

The trade promotion authority legislation, also known as fast track, is expected to speed through completion of Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations with 11 other Pacific Rim nations in the coming weeks. 贸易促进授权法案,也被称作快速通道法案,预计将在未来数周内加快美国及其他11个环太平洋国家之间的“泛太平洋伙伴关系”的谈判完成速度。

The Senate approved the legislation Wednesday, following the House of Representative’s authorization. 继众议院批准之后,参议院于上周三通过了此法案。

Senate 参议院 上议院

the House of Representative 众议院 下议院