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【Shanbei News Notes】20150701


US Export-Import Bank Expires as Political Fight Continues 美国政治角逐持续,进出口银行面临关门

Default Rate 违约率

houses of Congress 国会两院

Democratic supporters of the bank said they plan to use parliamentary maneuvers to attach the bank’s reauthorization to a piece of unrelated legislation that most members view as vital to their districts. 支持该银行的民主党人表示,他们计划使用国会调遣策略,将银行的再授权事项关联到与之无关的法律的某一部分,而大多数议员都认为该法律对其所在地区很重要。

Ex-Im has been targeted by some of the most conservative Republicans in Congress, who say the agency is “corporate welfare” that allows bureaucrats to choose economic “winners and losers” in a process that would be better left to market forces. 美国进出口银行已经成为国会中某些最保守的共和党议员的靶子,他们认为该机构就是让官僚主义者选择“赢家和输家”的“公司福利”,而这一过程最好是交由市场的力量来选择。

the United Arab Emirates 阿拉伯联合酋长国

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