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【Shanbei News Notes】20150707


Analysts: Greece Now More Likely to Leave Euro 分析师:希腊目前更可能离开欧元区

deeper austerity and greater cuts in spending in exchange for additional loans (通过)更深入的财政紧缩和更大的削减开支以换取额外的贷款

issue ious 发布借据 issue动词作“发布”意, iou=I owe you 借据,欠款

repay loans denominated in the euro currency 以欧元的名目还贷

go bust 破产

resume bargaining 恢复谈判

pressing 紧迫的

Goldman Sachs 高盛集团

egregious mismanagement 过分的管理不善

parlous state 危险的境地

a staunch opponent of debt relief 债务减免的坚决反对者

or be forced to pay a “risk premium” [high interest rate] to get loans 被迫支付一个高的“风险溢价”(高息)以获得贷款

she expects the crisis to cause volatility and sell-offs in European markets and have potentially serious long-term political implications for Europe 她预计这场危机将导致欧洲市场的波动和抛售,并有可能造成潜在的长期政治影响。

reaction in the bond market has been “muted” so far 债券市场的反应一直是“静音状态”