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【git&github】the first move on git push


Finally we come to the deadline of data science course project on coursera. In fact, most of the questions are very easy to answer or cope with, except one aiming at try the git push. I got some problems when test this:

As the question requests, I created a file named “HelloWorld.md” and write something in it. When I type the command

>git push

Waiting for about 1 min, an error occors:

error:src refspec master does not match any

Then I found this was because no file in the dir yet. The solution is as follow:

touch README
git add README 
git commit -m 'first commit'
git push origin master

Of course, we don’t need README, then I trid git add, commit and push commands, it works!

Through, I am not really understand the exact reason.



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