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GFDL Spectral Idealized port on SAVIO


copy and paste to create

mkmf.template.savio.without_mpi in ./bin/


FC CC MPI and NetCDF pathes.

in ./full_dynamics, change:

compile_full_dynamics_on_savio.csh  to fit savio (usually, just change platform name is okay).

when compile, error:

ifort: error #10031 error: could not write to argument file

google it:


The MKL libraries are in different directories than the compiler runtime and other libraries. By default, the compiler will not search for libraries in the MKL lib directory. Use the -mkl compiler option for simple jobs, and use the MKL Link Line Advisor for more intricate jobs.

When I tried -mkl it doesn’t work and appeared another error.

Fortunately, when I tried to module load ant TAB it, a module called


just came into my eye.

of course, use it! The problem really solved.


So what is mkl?




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