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First Move on COAWST


Two issues in compiling JOE_TC

  • ISSUE01: WRF MCT lib path problem

Solution: In configure.wrf, manually change the MCT_LIBDIR to the right path.

  • ISSUE02: mct_coupler - Number assigned processors: 096 not equal to spawned MPI nodes: 032

Solution: Note the NnodesXXX settings in coupling.in represents the settings for individual components. The sum must be equal to the total number of processors applying in the run script.

Repeat Sandy (2012) and Build Up Framework for Mangkhut (2018)

The Sandy (2012) case can be smoothly repeated by following the instructions on the manual. While buiding up the coupling framework over the SCS need more efforts.

The biggest challenge is smoothing the bathemetry to satisfy the rx threshold, using the LP method. There is a toolkit from IRB in Croatia LP Bathymetry, providing several ways to deal with the problem. Note the lp_solve command line tool need to be setup at frist. For other version, remember to download the file named as lp_solve_x.x.x.x_exe_ux64.tar.gz.

Please check the next post for details about building the framework.

Updated 2020-02-19

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